Local Government Update – April 2024

Fairhope Planning Commission Meeting – April 1, 2024

Klump PUD Property Changes Ownership; New Plans Considered

The property commonly known as the Klump PUD is a 75-acre parcel located at the northwest corner of Hwy. 181 and Fairhope Ave.  The site last went before the Fairhope City Council for a design change in December of 2022.  Since that time the property has changed hands and a new vision for the property is being considered.  The Fairhope Planning Commission heard a presentation by developer 68Ventures and Land Planning & Architect firm Nequette.  The presentation was an informal review meant to gauge the opinion of the city.  The new vision includes plans for a mixed-use walkable neighborhood development with village center designs.  There would be a mixture of hotel, food & beverage, event lawn, residential mixed-use, multi-family residential rentals, commercial, green space and two ponds.  The design was described as new urbanism.  The presentation included photos of various architectural themes which are shown below.  It is expected that a formal application will be presented to the city at a later date.

Spanish Fort City Council Meeting – April 1, 2024

Spanish Fort Amends Parking Requirements

The Spanish Fort City Council approved an amendment to the parking requirements in response to a new mini golf and go cart business planned just east of the Eastern Shore Center.   The amendment would add parking calculations for mini-golf and go cart businesses based on the numbers of holes on the mini golf, number of go carts provided, and the number of employees.

Causeway Re-Zoning Approved – Could Facilitate Bridge Construction

The Spanish Fort City Council gave final approval to a re-zoning request for property located along Battleship Parkway, commonly known as the Causeway.  The site is due south of Traders, on the south side of the Causeway.  The property was re-zoned from R-1 to B-2.  One possible use for the site which was discussed at the city council meeting was a construction contractor laydown storage yard to facilitate the construction on the new I-10 Bridge and Bayway project.  Special use permits may be required before the site can be used for such purposes.

Spanish Fort Opposed Constitutional Amendment

The Spanish Fort City Council voted to send a resolution to the legislative delegation opposing the passage of two bills which would amend the Alabama Constitution.  The constitutional amendments would create Landmark Districts for Stapleton and White House Fork.  In their opposition the City Council cited a negative effect on the growth of the city with no real benefit to the residents of those areas, and an unnecessary restriction of city government powers.

Baldwin County Planning Commission Meeting – April 4, 2024

Spanish Cove Seeking Re-Zoning for Expansion

The Baldwin County Planning Commission voted to send a denial recommendation to the County Commission for a re-zoning request adjacent to Spanish Cove in Lillian.  The request involved the re-zoning of 22.8 acres located east of County Road 95, west of Ridgewood Dr.  The site is currently vacant and was included in the 1973 plan for the Spanish Cove subdivision.  Developers are seeking to change the zoning from RA to RSF-4 to develop a future phase of Spanish Cove subdivision which could add 89 new lots.  The Property Owners Association of Spanish Cove sent a letter of support for the re-zoning.  Planning Commission members cited incompatibility with the area and non-conformity with the Future Land Use Map as the basis for denial. Members of the public also complained about the added growth in the area and strained infrastructure. The County Commission will have the final vote on the matter at a later meeting.

215-Lot Subdivision Approved East of Daphne

The Baldwin County Planning Commission voted to approve the subdivision of 84 acres.  The property is located east of Rigsby Rd. and west of County Road 54 East, and approximately 1.5 miles north of County Road 64, east of Hwy. 181.  The property is un-zoned.  The division will allow for a 215-lot residential subdivision.

Northwoods Phase 1 Approved Near Spanish Fort

The Baldwin County Planning Commission approved the subdivision of 57 acres.  The property, which is zoned RSF-4, is located on the east side of Hwy. 225, northwest of the City of Spanish Fort.  There are 43 residential lots planned for the site, with future connectivity to the Stillwater Development.

Daphne City Council Meeting – April 15, 2024

Large Daphne Development Sent Back for Further Architectural Review

The Daphne City Council voted to send the pre-zoning and annexation request of over 127 acres back to the Planning Commission with a recommendation to comply with the newly proposed architectural standards currently under consideration by the city.  The property is located southwest of the intersection of County Road 13 and Milton Jones Road. The site currently contains a mixture of zonings including RSF-E, RMF-6, RSF-2, and B-3.  Developers requested the entire site be zoned to a PUD (Planned Unit Development) and annexed into the City of Daphne. 
Plans for the development, to be named Rowan Oak, include a mixture of single-family homes and townhomes with a total of 594 lots planned, of which 204 would be multi-family units.  Over 250 single-family lots would range in width from 42.5’, 52.5’, and 72’ wide.  Townhomes (132 units) are planned to be held as fee simple ownership.  Total open space would be 28.5 acres with amenities.

In exchange for the PUD request the developer is agreeing to provide a list of public benefits which includes:

Donation of land for an 80-foot public right-of-way to the City of Daphne for the extension of Milton Jones Road from County Road 13 to Friendship Road.

Donation of right-of-way to the City of Daphne to enable the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Milton Jones Road and County Road 13.

Provide the capital for surveying and engineering services for the Milton Jones Road extension.

Provide the design and construction of improvements at the intersection of Friendship Road and County Road 64.

Donation of 1.8-acre parcel to the City of Daphne for a public park with the construction of two pickle ball courts

Annexation of 11.6 acres of commercial property for potential future tax revenue to the City of Daphne.

 Total direct public benefit value from the developer is estimated at $893,700.

The Daphne Planning Commission re-visited the application at their April 25th meeting.  The Planning Commission recommended approval of the pre-zoning and annexation request after developers adjusted the architectural elements, setbacks limits, and reduced the number of lots by 11.   The revised plan will now go back to the city council for final approval.

Baldwin County Commission Meeting – April 16, 2024

Elberta Re-Zoning Denial

The Baldwin County Commission upheld a denial recommendation from the Planning Commission for the re-zoning of 41 acres from RA to RSF-1.  The property is located on the southeast corner of County Road 95 and County Road 26. The re-zoning was sought for a future 27-lot residential subdivision development. 

Commercial Re-Zoning Along Hwy. 181 Approved

The Baldwin County Commission reversed the recommendation of the Planning Commission and approved the re-zoning request for 2.9 acres.  The property is located at 27645 Hwy. 181 near Daphne on the west side of Hwy. 181, south of Sommerset Dr.  The property is currently zoned CR (Conservation Resource).  The requested zoning is B-1 to allow for the development of a childcare facility and professional office space. 

Dollar General Group Re-Zoning Approved

The Broadway Group (Dollar General) is seeking to re-zone part of a 5-acre parcel located at the southeast corner of County Road 87 and County Road 32.  The request seeks to change the zoning from RA to B-2.  The request is believed to be for a Dollar General store.  The Baldwin County Commission gave final approval for the re-zoning at their April meeting.

Re-Zoning Approved for Golf Driving Range

The Baldwin County Commission voted to give final approval to the re-zoning of 5 acres from RA to B-3.  The property is located on the south side of U.S. Hwy. 98 and west of County Road 97 in the Elberta area.  The request is for the development of a golf driving range.

Orange Beach City Council Meeting – April 16, 2024

Bama Bayou Property Reverts Back to GB Zoning

The Orange Beach City Council approved a recommendation to repeal and rescind two previous Planned Unit Development zonings for the Bama Bayou PUD.  The zoning will revert to the original zoning classification of General Business (GB).  PUD approvals were given by the city over 20 years ago for mixed use development of the 133-acre parcel.  Various amendments were approved over the years, but construction never materialized.  In 2023 the new property owner, The Wharf Landing LLC, obtained demolition permits to remove the partially finished structures.  The current owners requested the change back to GB zoning since the buildings contemplated by the original PUD approvals were never constructed and the projects abandoned.

Modifications Approved for Cottages at Old Bay

The Orange Beach City Council approved a minor PUD modification to the Cottages at Old Bay PUD Master Plan to add finger piers, a crab deck, and covered gazebo to the existing marina.  The Property is located at 4646 Old Bay Lane and contains 14 cottage lots and a 14 slip marina.

Modifications Approved for Zekes Landing

The Orange Beach City Council gave approval for a minor modification to the Zekes Landing PUD Master Plan.  The modification will allow the installation of 46 transient slips on the easternmost pier and allow the installation of a 16’ by 24’ building to the south of the dry boat storage building.  The transient slips will be added to the prefabricated floating dock and will be used for dry boat staging and transient boat traffic.

Glamping Coming to Orange Beach

The Orange Beach City Council approved a PUD modification that will allow glamping sites on the municipally owned parcels in the Amber Isle and Beach Village PUDs adjacent to the Backcountry Trail and Gulf State Park.  Glamping is described as camping with amenities and resort-style services.  There are 15 glamping sites on the municipally owned parcels.  The sites will include a 16’ by 30’ platform for a tent.  Each tent will have a king/queen bed, bunk beds, mini-fridge, coffee maker, rugs, lamps, diffuser, electrical outlets, ceiling fans, and residential air condition and heating units.

Gulf Shores Planning Commission Meeting – April 23, 2024

New Restaurant Planned for Gulf Shores

The Gulf Shores Planning Commission approved the site plan for Ale House Restaurant.  The new 100-seat restaurant is planned for 645 Gulf Shores Parkway.  The site currently houses the RE/MAX real estate building.  The RE/MAX building is planned for demolition and will be replaced with a new 2-story, 3,687 square foot restaurant building.  The site is zoned BT-1-N (Tourist Business Dist.) and is also within the Beach Overlay Dist.  The design of the building will include large windows and a raised terrace along the front facades to promote a pedestrian friendly environment.

Daphne Planning Commission Meeting – April 25, 2024

Scooters Coffee Planned for Daphne

The Daphne Planning Commission approved the site plan for Scooters Coffee.  The .75-acre site is located northeast of County Road 64 and Hwy. 181.  The 664 square foot coffee shop will offer drive-through service. The site plan approval is pending the approval of a pre-zoning and annexation application set to be heard in May.
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